Having passion, drive, skills, and technique ill get you only so far.  Knowing how to identify, reach, and associate with collaborators, employers, and your audience is key.  This MAPS section will help you create the tools necessary to make connections necessary for success.

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You’ve made a great commitment to obtain the education that will help bring you to your desired career.  Academia is an individual journey and something every student should not only take seriously but invest the time and energy to maximize personal success.  This MAPS section will help you develop a success plan that will carry you towards a rewarding graduation.

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The journey from scholar to professional can be difficult, and often success doesn’t come easily.  Learning to navigate the professional world takes time and presents its own unique challenges.  This MAPS section is intended to help you make this transition during your academic training so you’re not thrown in the deep in after graduation.

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Knowing how to succeed in your studies is very important.  No matter if you’re just starting your academic journey, of if you’re close to graduation, you can improve your studenting habits.  This MAPS section will help you improve your chances for success in the academic world.

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With MAPS you can help achieve a personalized plan to achieve your academic and professional goals.

Students have reported higher levels of engagement and motivation as well as increased feelings of satisfaction and personal involvement with their academic journey and professional goals.

Faculty have reported increased student success as well as improved mentoring opportunities as students begin to develop self-efficacy and self-determination in their studies and future plans.

With MAPS, you'll be able to go where you want to be.

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